How to care for wool clothes

The popularity of wool clothing is growing, and while its uses are expanding, the requirement for careful wear and care remains constant. We want you to appreciate and care for your wool garments and enjoy them for years to come, so here are a few hints and tips for caring for all your wool clothing items.

How to clean a wool coat

As soon as you notice a new stain on your coat, spot clean it right away. The longer you wait to remove a stain, the more difficult it will become to remove.

You shouldn't have to clean your coat until the end of the season if you don't have any stains to deal with. Overcoats will stay much cleaner for longer because they don’t often come into direct contact with your skin. However, if your wool coat has an odour or appears to be unclean, make sure you wash it.

The safest way to clean a wool coat is to wash it by hand and follow these simple steps:

  1. Brush the wool.

  2. Pretreat stains with a gentle detergent.

  3. In a deep sink, plastic tub, or bath, wash your coat carefully. Before you start the washing procedure, ensure the basin is completely clean and free of any residue. Fill the tub or sink halfway with tepid water (never hot) and a small amount of wool wash.

  4. Soak the coat in the water for a few minutes. Allow 30 minutes before gently agitating the coat with your hands. Squeezing parts of the garment can be used to agitate it. Always avoid rubbing or twisting the clothing because this can harm the fibres.

  5. Remove the coat from the soapy water without wringing it. Drain the used water, clean the basin, and fill it with fresh lukewarm water. Return the coat to the tub and swish the cloth in the water to rinse it. Repeat until no more suds remain.

  6. Lay on a towel and allow to air dry naturally.

How to refresh a wool coat

Wool coats come in a variety of consistencies and colours, but even the best quality wool jackets can eventually see some wear and tear. Dirt, fabric friction, and poor storage methods all contribute to the appearance of a dull wool coat. Making your wool coat appear brand new again necessitates a combination of home treatments and professional processes, but it is unquestionably less expensive than purchasing a new coat.

Using a suede brush, restore the smoothness of your wool coat. The woollen strands cluster together when your wool jacket ages, giving it a segmented appearance. After removing the lint and pills, gently brushing your jacket with a suede brush regenerates the fibres, giving your coat the smooth appearance of a new wool jacket.

How to clean a wool jumper

Unlike a wool coat, it’s possible to machine wash a wool jumper without causing any damage to the fibres - but do be careful.

  1. Put the knit in a mesh laundry bag. This will keep it from snagging.

  2. Select an appropriate setting. Choose the delicate cycle on the machine, with the water temperature set to cold and the spin speed set to low. If your machine is set too high or hot, you can shrink or tear an item by agitating it too much.

  3. As soon as your knit is finished, remove it from the washer. To avoid wrinkling, remove the sweater as soon as the cycle is over.

More wool cleaning tips from THE-CØDED

Here are three helpful tips to ensure you get the best out of your wool garments and don’t risk causing any damage to the incredibly delicate material. By following this advice, and looking after your wool clothes like the garments from our 019 collection, your clothes should last a lifetime and you’ll be part of the sustainable fashion movement!

Do not soak woollen clothing

If you opt to hand wash your woollen garments, make sure not to soak them because this will damage the wool. Alternatively, if you wash your wool clothing in the machine, hang them up as soon as they are done so they don't become damp in the machine.

Do not wring your woollen clothing

You can hang your woollen garments to dry on a laundry line or a drying rack. While it may be tempting to wring out all of the water initially, this may wear the wool out prematurely and put stress on the seams.

Let the wool clean itself

Wool has the amazing capacity to clean itself. Grease and dirt have a hard time sticking to natural wool fibres, therefore you don't have to wash woollen clothing very often. If your wool items begin to smell, hang them outside to air it out completely before washing - you might find this resolves the issue alone. 

Natural wool-blend garments

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July 24, 2022 — James Browne