We are THE-CØDED and we stand for complete transparency. The ethical fashion movement is essential for the future of the industry and we believe in clothing that will last a lifetime. We have created a completely new and innovative way to shop online, where manufacturers can connect directly with the consumer to sell their own unique garments. 

Working with talented partners and factories, who produce for major retailers globally, they can be identified by a unique cøde that represents them and the clothes they make.

How we define ‘ethical clothing’

At THE-CØDED, we use the term "ethical clothing" to refer to the safe working conditions and a fair living wage that we expect our manufacturing partners to provide for their employees. We and our partners are dedicated to transparency, guaranteeing that anybody, everywhere can learn how and where their items are created, as well as who made them.

Why work with us?

We're a group of pioneers and innovative thinkers who are dedicated to putting our people first. If you share our values and believe in the need for an ethical fashion revolution, we’d love to work with you.

We are proud that we pay factories a fair wage for their work, it’s the first step towards creating a better future for the fashion industry. We are always looking for brands, retailers, designers and manufacturers who want to join us in making a difference, and creating groundbreaking clothing and designs that will last a lifetime. 

The factories we work with are global - and support a wide range of communities and projects. For example, cøde 009 are a factory in Turkey who, as well as creating 3 million shirts annually, also offer their office as a space for non-profit art and sponsor other art initiatives. By giving back to the community, your brand can have a lasting impact on the world - and not just in the fashion industry, but in your own communities. 

Our current partners

We are currently working with a number of skilled manufacturers, all of whom are unique and provide something different to the ethical fashion customer. We also have a selection of limited-edition collections in partnerships with creative artists and manufacturers. You can check out some of our recent collaborations and find out more about our partners individual stories below: 

Cøde 006

Cøde 009

Cøde 010

Cøde 011

Cøde 018

Cøde 020

Get in touch

If you match our brand values and are eager to spread the ethical fashion message, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

We’re always looking for exciting new influencers to get behind us and share our story with the world. If this sounds like you or anyone you may know, please reach out to us!