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  • City And Country Of Origin: Jud Vrancea, Romania. 
  • Type: Coats, jackets, dresses and trousers - Men's & Women's.
  • Speciality: Tailoring - Coats & Jackets - Men's & Women's.
  • Size & Capacity: 11,000 coats per month.
  • Accreditations: SGS & Smeta.
  • Initiatives: Training program with a well know multinational brand.
  • Community: We support the local area by helping to raise the living standards of our community through our work.

We are a family business which has been handed down over two generations. Established in 1991, our parents started the business by opening a workshop to help women in our community to achieve a better standard of living, instead of having to travel into the city every day or working in the fields.

Our factory is located in a picturesque village in South-East Romania and we are surrounded by vineyards. Through our work we still continually try and support our local community by raising living standards.

Our business is based on the manufacture of tailored woven garments such as coats, jackets, shirts and dresses. We focus on professionalism, efficiency, attention to detail and flawless execution in the realisation of the product that we make. We believe that it is these qualities which have enabled us to successfully partner with some of the best brands and designers around the world.

We currently have 124 employees, organised on 4 production lines. Many employees have been working with us since the business was established, bringing a wealth of knowledge, and the newest ones have been working according to the legal framework in Romania, since the age of 18.

We offer our employees security and trust and we like to operate as if we are one big family, instead of your typical employer - employee relationship. Our employees are trained and all have information on health and safety, courses on first aid, firefighting and evacuation of workers. Several specially trained staff members are appointed to ensure that measures are complied with.  

We are also proud that we have a training program with a very well known multinational fashion brand, with whom we creatively collaborate with on a regular basis.

The fashion industry relies on companies, production companies and contractors to produce garments. Our business produces many product lines every year, which we deliver to well known and global retailers at predetermined times of the year. Therefore, we believe that our company has had some influence, to some extent, on the fashion industry. 

Our business has and will always be looking for partners with whom we can have an open relationship and at the same time forging friendships, which together will help to strengthen the fashion industry. 

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