We have partnered up with talented manufacturers from across the globe who have ethical practices at the forefront of their work. Each of our partners has been provided with a unique cøde that represents them.

Our purpose is to showcase great products that have been created and designed by these very talented people.

There will be no labelling on any product other than their cøde.


At THE-CØDED, we embrace transparency.

We believe it is important to showcase how your clothes are made and by whom.

You'll find a cøde alongside every product on our site. This represents the factory that made it. For complete transparency, you'll also notice a detailed factory biography is displayed alongside this cøde.

This enables manufacturers to highlight their key information, from accreditations, location, size, capacity, structure and commitments to sustainability.

we make what you want: HAVE your SAY IN DESIGN & CREATION

We want you to be a part of the creative and transparent process.

Engage with us on our social media channels for the chance to have a say in what is being designed and created by our partners.

We believe in collaborating with our partners and customers, so you can expect to see us run polls, ask questions and listen to your comments so that you can influence what is ultimately created.

At THE-CØDED, we want to change the face of fashion, are you ready to join us?


It is talented, hard working and committed people that make the fashion industry work.

THE-CØDED is an ever growing, worldwide community and directory.

Our business service connects talented partners on our database to retailers and brands.

Whether you are a new or established brand, retailer, designer or manufacturer, get in touch with us. We would love to work with you towards a more transparent and ethical future in the fashion industry.