Hear us out: the fashion industry can (and should) be transparent

Each of our partners is given a unique code, which you’ll find alongside every product on our site. This code gives you detailed info about each manufacturer.

The stories of these talented makers are woven into the very fabric of the items they create. The code system is inclusive, community-driven, and fair - which is reflected in our business model too. Our profit split with our factory partners has completely turned the traditional fashion industry business model on its head.
Forget the fancy labels, the brand names, the smoke and mirrors - this is how fashion should be.

Your butt looks better in ethical jeans. Yes, we said it

We’re rewriting the narrative of the industry by introducing the world to the factories that fill our wardrobes. By making more ethical purchases, supporting manufacturers, and listening to their stories, hopefully - one day - we’ll all be a little better at making conscious choices.

We’re on track to make the fashion industry a little better every day

Every like, comment and share helps to spread our message. Join our community, or don’t - all we ask is that you don’t stop talking about it. The factories that make your clothes may not have a voice yet, but you do. Use it.

take up the challenge

In the traditional fashion industry model, factories get a bad rap. We’re here to change that. We collaborate closely with manufacturers to bring ethical fashion to the public - allowing buyers to make conscious clothing choices based on more than just a label.

Whether you are a new or established brand, retailer, designer or manufacturer, get in touch with us. We would love to collaborate with you in the creation of a more transparent, sustainable and ethical future for the fashion industry.