THE-CØDED is a socially minded B4B enterprise with a strong sense of purpose and solid core values which stem directly from the way in which we were created by our founders.

We are a small team of dedicated and caring professionals, with a combined total of more than 100 years’ experience in the fashion industry, specialising in production (on both the brand and manufacturer side), product development and supply chain.

Over the years, we have built and forged meaningful and enduring relationships with our factory partners.It is our ambition to share the amazing work that they do, their innovation, creativity and skill, as well as the ethical and sustainable practices they have put in place, and their great care that they have for the local communities in which they operate. We created our platform to enable these creative and skilled factories to sell their products directly to the consumer.


At THE-CØDED, we know that outstanding factories and the talented people who work
there are the lifeblood of the fashion industry. These are the people who make
our clothes. 

During the uncertain times in which we live, great manufacturers often find themselves experiencing financial difficulties arising from cancelled orders and increased logistics and supply chain costs, along with unused materials, fabrics and trims. This affects their ability to maintain their business operations and to pay their people a living wage.

And so, THE-CØDED was born. Great factories and the amazing people who work there are at the heart of everything that we do. Fundamental to our vision is the need to ensure their fair and equitable participation in the fashion industry supply chain. 

Our mission is to support a long-term, fairer and more sustainable future for fashion manufacturers worldwide - whatever the circumstances.

It's all in the CØDE

At THE-CØDED, we provide each of our talented partners with a unique cøde to represent them and their products on our site, and our platform enables you to shop for products based on these codes.

Fair fashion direct to YØU

By nurturing these relationships, for the first time manufacturers can connect directly with customers like you to sell their own products and designs.

We have created a community and a supply chain that is more direct and more transparent than ever before.

With complete transparency in mind, anyone, anywhere, can find out how and where their clothes are made and by whom.

Welcome to THE-CØDED…