A team of people who make the fashion industry work.  

We are pattern cutters, designers, production specialists, buyers, academics, writers, business leaders, industry experts, marketers, producers, manufacturers and human beings.

We are people who love clothes and we are here for the people who make them.


When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, fashion brands and retailers around the world were forced to shut their doors, resulting in a huge number of cancelled orders.

This negatively affected manufacturers, the people who make our clothes.

We know that many manufacturers are still experiencing financial difficulties arising from cancellations along with unused materials, fabrics and trims.

As a result, THE-CØDED was born. To this day, our mission is to support a long-term, fairer and more sustainable future for fashion manufacturers worldwide - whatever the circumstances.

It's all in the CØDE

Over the years, we have worked with and built relationships with talented manufacturers globally, many of whom produce apparel and accessories for international brands and retailers.

At THE-CØDED, we have provided each of our talented partners with a unique 'cøde' to represent them.

Fair fashion direct to YØU

By nurturing these relationships, for the first time manufacturers can connect directly with customers like you to sell their own products and designs. Our vision is to ensure that these manufacturers receive an equitable share of the profits.

We have created a community and a supply chain that is more direct and more transparent than ever before.

With complete transparency in mind, anyone, anywhere, can find out how and where their clothes are made and by whom.

Welcome to THE-CØDED.