How to shop more sustainably

As we all grow more aware of the serious environmental impact of our garments, the term "sustainable fashion" is becoming more prominent. 

In theory, it's a catch-all phrase for clothes that are made and used in such a way that they may be literally sustained while also safeguarding the environment and people who make them. As a result, lowering CO2 emissions, addressing overproduction, minimising pollution and waste, promoting biodiversity, and ensuring that garment workers are paid a fair and living wage, and work in safe circumstances are all critical components of the sustainability matrix.

Here are a few tips from THE-CØDED on how to shop sustainably:

Become better informed

Knowing where to begin – and, more importantly, where to shop – is one of the most difficult aspects of shopping sustainably. It's thankfully much easier than it used to be, given there are now so many brands who operate with a sustainable shopping model. When researching whether a brand is sustainable, a basic rule to follow is that if it's pretty difficult to find out their stance, they're probably not as eco-conscious as they appear. 

Here at THE-CØDED, it’s easy to find out our stance on sustainable clothing and where our clothes are made. We believe in transparency and giving back to the communities where our factories are located.

Trans-seasonal clothes

Only purchase products that you know will serve you well all year, and spend the majority of your money on items that will last more than one season. Garments like denim jeans, shackets, overcoats and t-shirts will make for a much more sustainable wardrobe. It makes sense that you shouldn’t go overboard when buying clothes for a summer wardrobe if you live in a cooler climate such as the UK.

For sustainable clothes, ask yourself how many times would you wear it?

Most sustainable brands and influencers will encourage the 30 wear rule, which quite simply means before you buy something, ask yourself if you think you’d wear the garment at least 30 times. If the answer is no, don’t buy it. 

Try to avoid buying that statement piece you know you'll just wear once and instead invest in something with more sustainability that you'll be able to wear again and again. Choose more versatile pieces that may be worn in a variety of ways rather than that one outfit that you know will be out of style in no time.

At THE-CØDED, all of our clothing is designer-quality - meaning it will last you a lifetime.

Quality over quantity

Purchasing higher-quality, longer-lasting items will almost certainly cost more than purchasing a low-priced high-street item that fails to meet your needs. Although, we believe that it's all about shifting your perspective. Yes, it is more expensive, but you will likely keep it for longer and replace less per season. Purchasing a few high-quality things each year, rather than a large number of cheaper, less environmentally friendly items, will significantly minimise your carbon footprint (and could even save you money in the long-run). 

Sustainable clothing by THE-CØDED

While we’re not perfect, we’re taking great leaps to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of our business. We operate a fully transparent business model, with ethical practices and sustainability at the heart of what we do.

Our mission from the start was to provide transparency to the consumer, so that you can find out exactly where your clothes are made, using what materials, and by whom. All of our workers are paid a fair, living wage for producing the clothing you see on our website, which is identified by a unique cøde. 

You can learn more about our story, including the factories we work with, and join us on our journey for ethical and sustainable fashion. Shop our ethically-made womenswear and menswear collections for sustainable pieces you will wear over and over again.

June 12, 2022 — James Browne