FASHION IS evolving


We’re putting factories first. Forget the fancy labels and branding campaigns that shroud the fashion industry in mystery - we’re giving the makers a voice, the creators a story, and you the truth.

We’re for the makers behind the scenes. The people sewing seams.

We’re for the factories that have been disempowered by a profit-driven industry. 

Our goal? Complete transparency. 

If we can help to educate our community - even just a little bit - on how to make better, more conscious purchasing decisions, we’ll sleep easier at night. We won’t get it right today, and we might not get it right tomorrow. But we’re trying, and we’re inviting you along for the journey.


At THE-CØDED we’re for conscious choices.

We need to do more. To be better humans. To be part of the shift towards a more conscious way of being.

To leave this world a little kinder than we found it.

We always have a choice. And yours matters. By joining our community, you’re helping to make our industry a little better.

Putting factories first is the new conscious fashion

We’re not the answer to the fashion industry’s problems. We're not trying to be!

What we seek is CLARITY: for you and for the factories we partner with.
We want the process behind manufacturing that shirt you’re wearing right now to be clear, truthful, and conscious.
We won’t get it all right today, but even a tiny step in the right direction is a step worth celebrating.