What is ethical fashion?

The term ‘ethical fashion’ refers to the entire process of how a garment is designed, produced and retailed, with the main focus being to cause as little harm as possible to people and the planet. 

Why is ethical fashion important? 

In recent years, there have been calls to raise the ethical standards of the fashion industry as a whole. As consumer demand has grown, so too has the popularity of the fast fashion trend. Affordable clothing produced in high volumes provides convenience to the consumer, but in most cases, it has a negative impact on factory workers, animals and the environment.  This is a global phenomenon .

Research from the World Health Organization shows the average life expectancy of those in low-income countries is around 62 years of age, whereas in high-income countries, the average life expectancy sits at around 81 years of age. What’s more, the richest 1% of the global population owns 45% of all the wealth in the world, while many others receive less than the living wage. As a result, they find it difficult to improve the living and working conditions for themselves, their families and their communities. THE-CØDED wants to change this.

The ethical fashion movement also strives for sustainability, which means prioritising environmentally-friendly practices throughout production, and making a product that has a lower impact on the environment. Clothing is made from eco-friendly materials, such as organic cottons, which are safer for people and the environment. Where possible, garments are produced using natural energy sources, which avoid air and noise pollution. 

We’re putting factories at the forefront

Here at THE-CØDED, we want to showcase the amazing skills of factory workers around the world - the people who make your clothes. Every item you see on our website has been designed and manufactured by talented factory teams, the same teams who make garments for well-known designer andfashion brands. It is our goal to ensure these manufacturers receive their fair share of the profits, to reflect the time, effort and pride that they put into producing these clothes for you. We hope that our vision can contribute to improving the living conditions of these workers and their communities in time. 

A cøde and a unique story

Many of the manufacturers we are working with have been known to work with several popular fashion brands They account for a proportion of the people involved with creating the clothes seen on the high street, online, and on the catwalk. We want to celebrate the people responsible for creating the garments you love to wear.

That’s why we have assigned a cøde to each one of our partners, as well as publishing a detailed biography for each of the factories we work with. This is our way of focusing on the people who make our clothes, the skills they possess, and the values they apply to their manufacturing processes.  

We fully embrace the ethical fashion movement and we want to take it further than ever before. Our factory partners are at the heart of our mission. We listen, we trust and we talk. We have more information about how THE-CØDED works, should you wish to read more about our collaboration with factories worldwide.

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June 29, 2022 — James Browne