How to shop ethically for clothes online

The future of fashion is evolving and asking where our clothes are made just isn’t enough to determine whether a garment is ‘ethical’. The global pandemic has prompted people around the world to evaluate their buying habits and the mechanisms that the fashion industry has constructed. It can be difficult to factor in workers rights, environmental practices, and COVID-19 safety regulations. 

To help you feel more in control and make a real difference through your buying habits, we’ve put together a few things you should look out for when trying to shop ethically online.

Do your research 

Finding out what clothing brands actually stand for and having clear brand values is the first step to shopping ethically. Choose issues that you personally care about, and that way you’ll feel good about shopping with a brand that holds the same values as you. If you care about fair wages for workers or plastic pollution, for example, you could contact the brand directly and challenge them if they haven’t made it clear on where they stand on the issue. 

At THE-CØDED, we have a clear set of values when it comes to shopping ethically online. We work closely with manufacturing partners who ensure that their workers receive a fair living wage. We believe that this is the new way. Whatever the conditions, our objective is to ensure a long-term, fairer, and more sustainable future for fashion manufacturers and their great people worldwide.

Buy directly from manufacturers

When you buy directly from the manufacturer, you can be confident they’re receiving a fair share of the profits. However, it’s not always easy to buy stylish fashion straight from the manufacturer these days. 

At THE-CØDED, we’re here to change that. By shaking things up a little, for the first time ever, manufacturers can offer their own garments and designs directly to the customer on our website. Anyone, anywhere can also find out exactly where their clothes have come from, and who has made them. 

Our aim is to offer a completely transparent shopping experience. Just look out for manufacturer cødes and bios next to every product and collection on our website. 

Purchase clothes that are made to last

Invest in pieces that will stay in your wardrobe forever, not just a season. If you only buy clothes when they are really necessary and spend your money on higher-quality products, you can reduce your carbon footprint, stretch your budget, and support the causes you care about.

We all need new clothes from time to time. If you do, make sure that what you purchase is long-lasting and made from environmentally-friendly materials wherever possible. Polyester has nearly twice the carbon footprint of cotton, so buy natural and organic when you can. We encourage our factory partners to try to use natural materials as much as possible in the ethical clothing lines they produce.

Shop ethically online with THE-CØDED

Read more about THE-CØDED’s story and why our innovative new way of online shopping is the right step into a more ethical fashion future. You can find out how our factories work and, if you’re a manufacturer interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you. No labels, just a cøde and a unique story behind each piece.

To get started, browse our ethically-made womenswear and menswear collections.

August 04, 2022 — James Browne